Fiber Optic Communication in North Mississippi



Bandwidth – How many bits per second, measured in the "digital pipeline".
Bit – Smallest unit of transmission expressed as one or "zero".
Broadband – A single medium that pieces of data are transmitted through.
BPL – (Broadband over Power Line) uses medium voltage to send data at speeds like broadband.
Byte – Equals 8 bits and can convey 256 separate characters.
Cat 5 – Capable of up transferring 100 million bits of data transmission for up to 100 meter.
Cable Modem – A high speed system that utilizes a two way cable system.
Dark Fiber – a cable that has been installed and does not have the laser installed that lights the fiber.
Dialup – Using a telephone line to connect to another computer to the internet.
DSL – (Digital Subscriber Line) High- speed offering to people who are within three miles from providers central office.
E-rate – A federal program that provides schools with the development of information related services. This program will provide 20 - 90 percent of the cost of getting these services.
Ethernet – transmission of data through copper wires. Generally used in local area networks.
Fiber Optics – A strand of glass capable of carrying a light signal for 70 miles without amplification.
Hosting – a computer that houses data for another entity
LATA – (Local Access and Transport Area) Geographical boundaries to identify where local telephone service is.
Local Area Network (LAN) – Used to inter-connect a computer and data in a localized area.
Open Access Network – Owns infrastructure and leases capacity to people who want to sale there services over other networks.
POP – (Points of Presence) Physical connections local services join with a long distance carrier.
T-1 – System that allows 4 wires to carry information of 48 hours.
Units – Kilo (K), Mega (M), Giga (G), and Tera (T) represent thousand, million, billion and trillion. Pecta (P) is quadrillion.
Universal Service Fund (USF) – Helps provide access to telecommunication to telephone companies at decent prices throughout the country.
VOD – (Video on Demand) a service allowing customers to be able to instantly viewing television.
VOIP – (Voice over internet Protocol) a monthly fee with unlimited local and long distance services over a broadband connection.
Wide Area Network (WAN) – Used to interconnect a company's sites data network.